Hubble: I can help you using the Internet in a very supportive way!

Hi! I am Hubble.

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Can I help you?

Do you, or does someone you know, sometimes have difficulty using the Internet? One spelling mistake, one click on a wrong spot and you have lost the way or your e-mail doesn't arrive. Every website looks different. Links are often disguised as small images. And then there are the pop-ups and browser windows that open all by themselves...
Hubble can help you! For instance, by jumping from one link to the next when you select a button. By putting the links to all one's favourite websites together on one page... and use that as homepage. Or by showing the person's photo instead of his e-mail address.
Hubble can be useful for everyone. Also for people with a physical disability and/or a communication disorder, such as a problem with reading or writing. For them, Hubble is equipped with extra possibilities, such as speech output and switch access.

Hubble Suite

At this moment, the Hubble Suite consists of a browser, e-mail and chat program. There is one tool. More modules and tools will follow.

The design of these programs is based on the results of the European project World Wide Augmentative and Alternative Communication (WWAAC). This project aimed at bridging the gap between the Internet and people with a handicap in the field of communication.